What is the Video Game Craze?

crazy about video gamesVideo game enthusiasts are a unique group of people. You will seldom find people who are more devoted to a hobby. Video game enthusiasts clear their calendars for the release of their favorite games and play them with their gaming friends for hours upon hours. This is all good and well so long as the habit remains a hobby. But when it begins to resemble an addiction, problems are sure to arise. Video game addiction is a rising trend in North America and it has very serious consequences. For those who love video games, a hobby or an addiction are the only ways to identify their condition.

Those who play video games as a hobby are doing nothing wrong. Video games had a bad reputation for many years as a growing number of concerned parents were blaming them for their children’s health problems.┬áThis concern has become more about parents supervising how their children spend their time than an attack on video games. The first generation that had access to a number of video games grew up with them and proved that they are for adults just as much as they are for children. It was this generation that became the first mature hobby gamers. In moderation, playing video games is perfectly healthy, and has actually proven to increase hand-eye coordination.

The problem exists when hobby turns into addiction. A video game addiction is distinct from a hobby in that the level of excess it is taken to is out of control. Video games have been found to have the same effect on the brain that gambling and sex have in many ways, and those who become genuine addicts are unable to restrain themselves. A video game addicted person invests excessive time, money and energy into their video game addiction to the point that they are neglecting their personal relationships, vocations and life responsibilities. Someone who has taken their love of video games this far may be in need of professional intervention.